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a blast from the past or a glimpse of the future — both are true

Twenty years ago Voyager published the first edition of 3Sixty, a catalog celebrating the emerging forms of new media. Most of the titles were from Voyager, but there was a selection of others from Gallimard, Dorling Kindersley, Microsoft and others. The design (Alexander Isley) and writing (Ashton Applewhite) are particularly noteworthy. One of my favorite bits is the account on page 46 of a reader’s first experience with an ebook.

Click the first thumbnail to show a full-size image. Then click on the image to advance to the next or use the forward backward arrows near the top. Many of the images have a video of the work described on the 3Sixty page.

The CD-Companion to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony by Robert Winter

Robert Winter’s CD-Companion to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was published twenty years ago this week. As you look at this promo piece it’s important to realize that the target machine for this title was a Macintosh with a screen resolution of 640×400 and only two colors — black and white. This video dates from 1993.