Ninja Redux Happy Ending

drost3foamfaceredwhiteEver have one of those days where you wake up knee deep in your father’s woods and suddenly you know how to play drums like Bonzo and you are some sort of Belushiesque Ninja trapped in a Kurosawa film directed by Francis Ford Coppola?

I just had one of those days. Time for half a menthol cigarette a yin yang cheese course and Lagunitas Censored beer.

Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. Somebody ring a bell already. Arice is true D rooking gas crickets!

Goodnight Gracie
say herro to your mudder pour moi out.

Filter Feeder

Been managing so much info from the gopro and sony that is very difficult to color compress without making duplicate files and filling up my strainting hard drive…. so long story short, I thought I’d try some of Vimeo’s new “instagramstyle” filters for video.  THere are a  lot of options and I am lazy, but I like the saturation and contrast on this filter.  What say you, dear reader?

The Anxiety of Influence

munshani codex 2 late 90's book pages

munshani codex 2
late 90′s book pages

Running around looking at street art in a new way after all that schoolin’ by ellis g.  Also hanging out with Yoav as the street artists pick up their work from the OUT Door Gallery NYC group show to celebrate the publishing of his book of the same name  Also available at Strand and many of New York’s finer Museum gift shops, so next time you exit through said such same, pick up a copy.  It is a beautiful book full of great documentation of New York’s best street art murals, etc.  If you are a New Yorker there will be one or a hundred of your personal favs.  Also I watched Apox again.  PBR street gang.  Bravo rodger point 5.

Codex munshani late 90's

Codex munshani
late 90′s

True West

helped my brother move a couple of years back and this footage has been sitting on my desktop since. Somehow now is the time to recut. For Xtian the best/worst big brother I ever had. It was a trip to remember so here is a souvenire. I think you should do a narration. I’m sick of my own voice.