Polo Ticks


A frank discuassion of the state of mental healthcare in the U.S.  Solutions sought.  All solutions, not just solutions of chemicals, but solutions of word, deed, experience and change.

IMG_0001Avoide the Red hooks… are these distractions or sacrafices?  Or just the area of Brooklyn known as Red Hook.  Is it the police? Or theAliens.

IMG_0002Burnt offerings and the temple mount.  Is this a good idea?

IMG_0003Tell the Hemmingwayesque story of Cash and the 99 bottles of beer on the wall.  All of them lost but for the ones Most Def took as brackets to hold his negotiation with nothing.  Bad form and areal no no, but all the reast lost to a theif only the stolen remain.  THe key to the bank (Banks Key is Becks in bippty boppty talk)  The case of Canada one could drink a case of and thanks to three xxx it looks like a kaws dead Mingus 3 smiley Alien.  Prince to Joni.  Purple to blue queen.  Heart is given not sold.IMG_0004

The Anxiety of Influence

munshani codex 2 late 90's book pages

munshani codex 2
late 90’s book pages

Running around looking at street art in a new way after all that schoolin’ by ellis g.  Also hanging out with Yoav as the street artists pick up their work from the OUT Door Gallery NYC group show to celebrate the publishing of his book of the same name http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Gallery-New-York-City/dp/1584235535.  Also available at Strand and many of New York’s finer Museum gift shops, so next time you exit through said such same, pick up a copy.  It is a beautiful book full of great documentation of New York’s best street art murals, etc.  If you are a New Yorker there will be one or a hundred of your personal favs.  Also I watched Apox again.  PBR street gang.  Bravo rodger point 5.

Codex munshani late 90's

Codex munshani
late 90’s



Big Opening




The opening for Outdoor Gallery NYC was epic.