At The Bar


We can’t drink so we go to the bar in the hall to be on point.   When she was a young Greenwich princess,Eileen trained as a dancer and was recruited by Jofferey and American Dance company  if you like. One time she got into an elevator in Rockefellor center and woman rode all the way up while rudely staring at her up and down and down and up.  Kathleen was afraid she was some sort of lesbian masher.  But when Eileen got our of the car the woman stopped her and said “I’m Eileen.”

and She said, “I”m Eileen too.”

“Yes but I’m Eileen Ford and I run a modeling agency.”

“I’m a dancer,” she said and daddy wouldn’t let her model because it wasn’t proper.  Mr. Delicious is uncertain he believes in any of this.  It’s a psych ward after all.  Unreliable narration is the rule but still she got a certain class about her and his job is not to question the script but to continue the improv.

Position 1 2 3 pliet.


She can’t shit.


Salt water cocktail didn’t work but still on point on the the bar and still filled with a fragile beauty. Mr. Delicious is convinced she is an actress.  In fact he is convinced she is Meryl Streep.  Meryl Streep in a deep method roll.  The roll of a lifetime: Eileen the patient.  It’s so secret they had to trap Mr. Delicious in the cuckoo bin just so he could get his first big roll acting with Meryl Streep.  Everyone is in the cast and he can Recall Sophie saying Imagine all you see is happening again in another room with slightly better looking more famous people.  The whole thing is an undercover Prank show in its fine art Version.  A conspiracy of Doc and Dave, or Joan and Bob, or Google, or facebook, or IBM… who knows who is directing, but it is certainly true that it is Meryl Streep talking about cancer and tragedy and bowel movements and drinking a gallon of salt water to try and force shit out and brutal, violent attacks by seventies New York lone man druggie criminals and Alzheimers father And Red dye Poisonings of the spine by Kodak medical imaging dye and fortunes lost and fortunes gained and the rich little brother who has washed his hands of her and it’s sort of impossible to believe even there on the psych ward that someone could actually be hit by all this shit storm of bad luck and tragedy and still be standing…


No.  It is impossible to believe this whole hotel and every story in it are real and taking place in a “REAL” world.  It is easier by far to believe this is some sort of tear jerker of a movie.  I laugh.  Sophie’s Choice.


and she looks like Meryl and I find that I’m a much more sympathetic person when I think I am talking with Oscar Winning Meryl Streep than I am when just dealing with civilians.


They want to dismiss her to a Hotel as she has no apparent reason to be on the psych ward, but she is afraid her intestines will explode from the constipated shit in her colon and she will die in the hotel.

To transfer her to the next circle of treatment hell they want to remove a previously cancer related porta cath.  So she can start a new virgin in the other crazy system.  Doing this she thinks will lower her blood pressure  till she bleeds out and dies.


She says that the salt cocktail will raise her blood pressure and also kill her.


At one point she says, “Go ahead.  Do what you want.  I’ll just die tonight and get it over with.”


“Don’t say that” I say


“baaah” she says


Later when she is calm we take another walk around the ward.  She tell me that her father’s baby brother was killed by a drunk doctor after an accident.  The doctor over dosed the child on anesthetic….


Years later the father encountered the doctor at a steak house…


He picked him up by the scruff and cast him to the floor like a rag doll and said in his Irish Brogue Do you be rememberin Ellis Gallagher?  He was my baby brother and you killed him.  And in a final act of bravery he spared the guy’s life and just walked out of the restaurant with the doctor still sitting on the floor humiliated.IMG_0011