IMG Like any good sci fi there are aliens.  In this case it is all based off a twilight zone… to serve man is a cook book.  The invention of money has to do with the deal made by the illuminati with the three eyed pyrimid shaped aliens.  Earth feeds its poor to the aliens and they spare us the species.  We become sort of sacred cows for the Aliens.  But the aliens like the taste like the Japanese love whale blubber and humans are a great delicacy….plus the aliens shit gold after eating us!  A hard bargain and a hard rain… the money hides in the alps.  A deal struck in Basel with the Devil.  Hitler yes, but also blip blip bloop the Alien embassador to Earth.  He hides in plain sight as David Bowie, or maybe a Japaneses school girl?  A K pop idol?  A moony?

IMG_0001Solvents and secret potions.  Awakening the multiple truth in the mind…. Sophie is and isn’t Male and Female, Korean, or Swiss, Red or Blue.  It is a digital coding of the uneverse into choices 0 and 1 being all there need be in its infinite combinations.  Metampsychosis and Joyce blood line and Royal line and one made in the sand define a triangle name a circle.
IMG_0002Ace Hotel is one node All ends here or some such hotel.  The hotel as metaphor for home away from home and the VonBraun CIA space station is known by the key holders as The Hotel

Hotel Romeo Fox Trot shall we dance Wagner Max Wagner  Jew Eat?  I destinctly heard her…  Not did you eat, but Jew eat?

Body of Christ Body of Christ In Imago Speramus

Smell of Napalm = Smell Gasoline = Victory

As falls Victoria, so falls Victoria Falls

Red Queen, Blue Queen, White Queen, Black Queen

Let X =X=x=x, etc.

A Good Place to Die one, all, and no one

Five easy pieces.



The Shining



Gearing up to start a Residency at 17 frost from Nov, thru Jan.  Most of the work will be of a narrative and more or less figurative nature, so I’ve been drawing abstracts in the spirit of contrariness.  I’ve never shown a lot of my abstract work, but I never stop making it.  I guess I’m afraid that even the best abstract paintings (like Kline and DeKooning and Twombly) sort of end up as decorations/trophies for rich idiots.  They can sort of drift into the background and be ignored.  I guess you can ignore Mozart too, so it shouldn’t matter,  but then I never wanted to be Mozart, I wanted to scream and rock.  Still abstraction is my first love and my favorite work to look at or make



Dark Room

You are alone, but I am with you and you are looking for a new apartment. I tell you not to trust the real estate agent, but you don’t trust me, so already it’s a small war. Later we look out the window. I don’t love the view, but that might be nostalgia.