Last modified:October 06, 2008

Demo Books

Here are a few examples of Sophie in action. While the form of these books will be familiar to anyone who has seen multimedia documents, what is new here is how these were made – by one person, not a programmer, in hours not days. These are demos and as such they are not complete. Not all links are active, movies may be short stubs, etc.

First, make sure that you have Sophie or Sophie Reader installed correctly. When you've finished downloading the book, unzip the file and open it in Sophie. Look at it in Test mode (by checking the little box at the bottom right of the book window) or just open it in Sophie Reader.

Nine Curiosities from the Beeman Cookbook Collection

Download (.zip, 60 Mb)

This is a compilation, including video and graphic elements, of several rare, and slightly strange cookbooks.

Here are screenshots of pages in the book:

The title page, including a video introduction.

A detail page, with additional close-up shots of the cookbook, as well as a video description.

The Five Drafts of the Gettysburg Address

Download (.zip, 2.9 Mb)

This book details the textual differences in the five drafts of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and gives information about each of the drafts. There is also a reading of the standard draft of the Address by Johnny Cash, so that readers may listen as they read the differing versions.

Here is a screenshot of a page in the book:

By clicking on the title of the draft at the top of the text, the differences in wording will be highlighted, and information about the particular draft is displayed.

Federico García Lorca: Poema del Cante Jondo

Download (.zip, 57.3 Mb)

Sol Gaitan of the Dalton School in New York developed this book for her AP Spanish students so that they can explore the direct influence of particular flamenco music styles on Lorca's poetry. Gaitan presents both the songs and the poems they inspired, and annotates the poems from pages 11 to 43; with the students expected to follow her lead by annotating the poems in the remainder of the book.

Here are screenshots of some pages in the book:

Above: clicking the same annotation on a line of the poem makes both text and an image visible.

Above: a poem with an annotation; the annotation, text, has its own video annotation.

Above: a page talking about a style of flamenco, with different audio files demonstrating that style. The play and pause buttons can be used to control the audio.