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From Harvard University Press. Includes an edited selection of comments from the Version 1.1 web edition.

This Spartan Life

McKenzie Wark interview on "This Spartan Life," a talk show in game space.

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Networked editions with reader discussions alongside the text.

"Not since Steal This Book has a book's radical packaging so threatened to upstage its radical content."

Version 2.0

Back in 2006, we released Version 1.1. Based on the many thoughtful and careful comments people made on it, I revised Gamer Theory and came up with Version 2.0, which is available here. I will probably not produce a Version 3.0 of this book. I'm the kind of person who likes to move on and do new things. But you are free to use anything you want from Gamer Theory under the Creative Commons "share and share alike" license.

Version 1.1

This was Version 1.1 of Gamer Theory. Many people were kind enough to stop by and offer comments on all aspects of the book and the website. I made many changes to the book as a result of their contributions. Though the comments feature of this version is now closed, we are keeping 1.1 up to preserve all the wonderful comments in their full and unedited glory, as well as to document an earlier stage of the text's development.


Visualizations of Gamer Theory 2.0. These pose the question of what digital technology can bring to the presentation of text. Are there new ways of perceiving text, or re-imagining text, that can only happen in the networks? Could visualization change not only how we 'read' but how we write?


More coming soon....


A free-fire discussion area to discuss the text in all its versions, the visualizations, and any other issues related to games and game play. This is also a good place to talk about and compare the different forms in which this book has been published and to reflect upon the different reading experiences they afford.

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