Together with the Institute for the Future of the Book I produced this website as a way to think about games. We released Version 1.1 back in 2006. Based on the many thoughtful and careful comments people made on it, I revised Gamer Theory and came up with Version 2.0, which is available here. Comments on Version 1.1 are now closed, but we welcome comments and discussion here at Version 2.0.

I will probably not produce a Version 3.0 of this book. I’m the kind of person who likes to move on and do new things. But you are free to use anything you want from Gamer Theory under the Creative Commons “share and share alike”license. And I will stop by and see what’s happening in the comments. Gamer Theory is also available now in print form, from Harvard University Press. I call that Version 2.1, as it contains some copy-editing that happened later. Nothing significant, but if you are quoting the text for academic purposes I would suggest finding the print edition. The print edition also contains an edited selection of the 1.1 comments.

—McKenzie Wark, April 23, 2007