Syndication for GAMER THEORY 2.0

Perhaps you’d prefer to read GAMER THEORY 2.0 a little bit at a time in an RSS reader… You’re in luck! A serialized feed is available. To subscribe, simply cut and paste the following link into the URL field of your feed reader.

Get the feed

Starting the day you subscribe, you’ll receive the book daily in five-paragraph installments, 225 paragraphs in all. That’ll put you through a chapter every five days (there are nine chapters total). At any point you can click a specific paragraph number to enter the site at that specific place and join in the discussion.

What’s an RSS feed?

RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” An RSS feed is simply a file that contains the underlying content of a web site (everything minus its design). RSS aggregators or feed readers are software that take these files and re-present them in a readable form. This way, you can read the latest contents of many sites, all in one convenient program.

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