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yahoo! experiments with multimedia journalism

Yahoo! has enlisted tele-journalist and blogger Kevin Sites to produce a one-year web program chronicling the world’s conflict zones in multimedia format.
Sites has become known for his jaunts as a “solo journalist,” trundling from hot spot to hot spot with a backpack full of gadgetry, beaming reports from his one-man broadcast station. It’s a formula that is tailor-made for the web. Clearly, Yahoo! was paying attention. The NY Times reports on “Kevin Sites In the Hot Zone”:

As he travels to these places, Mr. Sites will write a 600- to 800-word dispatch each day and produce a slide show of 5 to 10 digital photographs. He will also narrate audio travelogues. There will be several forms of video – relatively unedited footage posted several times a week, and once a week, a more traditional video report, edited in the style of a network news broadcast.
Mr. Sites will also be the host of regular online chats with Yahoo users who will be able to post comments on message boards. And he will post quick text messages on the site updating his activities throughout the day.

Counting on war and carnage as a surefire crowd draw, Yahoo! makes a rather tawdry entrance into independent journalism. But this is a very significant move nonetheless, evidence that Yahoo! is evolving into a full-fledged media company, and suggesting that the one-man-band approach to journalism and webcast might become a regular thing. If the Sites show finds an audience, they should try out serious investigative reporting or medium-length documentary.