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far flung places

You may have noticed that the blog hasn’t been updated much in the last few days. Right now several of us are in far flung places, traveling around the globe for various reasons. We’ll do our best to update you on networked publishing wherever we find it, but it might take just a little longer than normal for us to get to a computer.
Until then, I thought it’d be fun to revisit some old posts. Around the table at work we often feel burdened by the tyranny of the timely post. It’s something that doesn’t leave much room for reflection. I’ve felt that we should find ways to pull up some of the posts that have in some way impacted us and our community the most, so I’ve started with a simple numerical solution: most popular posts (via comment counts) from last year. Here’s a selection:
First, a post that deals with what people commonly think of when they hear electronic book (if they aren’t regularly reading this blog, anyway): first sighting of Sony ebook reader
And then two posts about what we are working towards when we talk about a networked book: defining the networked book: a few thoughts and a list, and small steps toward an n-dimensional reading/writing space.
And three posts on issues we think pertain to the ecology that surrounds networked books:
the evils of photoshop, who owns the network, and AAUP on open access / business as usual?