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lessig’s “code v.2” released

codev2.jpg A new edition of Larry Lessig’s classic Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace has emerged from the crucible of an extended public revision process. From the preface:

The genesis of the revisions found here was a wiki. Basic Books allowed me to post the original edition of the book in a wiki hosted by Jotspot, and a team of “chapter captains” helped facilitate a conversation about the text. There were some edits to the text itself, and many more valuable comments and criticisms. I then took that text as of the end of 2005 and added my own edits to produce this book. While I wouldn’t go as far as the musician Jeff Tweedy (“Half of it’s you, half is me”), an important part of this is not my work. In recognition of that, I’ve committed the royalties from this book to the nonprofit Creative Commons.

“Code v2” is available in paperback ($$) and PDF (free download). The original revision wiki is still up, and they’ve also set up a new one so that the book can continue to evolve.