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the role of the filter – a brief appreciation of arts & letters daily

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Those of us who are lucky enough to be wired have sadly come to appreciate the impossibility of reading, seeing, hearing, experiencing even a small fraction of just the new entries to the web each day. (yikes, some days it’s even hard just to keep up with a favorite blog). god knows we don’t need more pundits, but we are desperate for reliable filters which can recommend the direction of our attention. Denis Dutton, a philosophy prof in New Zealand started Arts & Letters Daily in 1998. every day since, he (and presumably by now a small staff) have recommended several essays and articles that they think are worth looking at. Unlike a blog however which favors the last entry, Denis’ original design favored short blurbs so that the reader can scan a large number of entries (from several days) fairly quickly. if you don’t know Arts & Letters Daily, it’s worth a look. If you do know it, send Denis and present owner (Chronicle of Higher Education) some fan mail.