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  1. bowerbird

    now i’ve seen it all. bob stein calls a piece by mike cane “smart”.
    i’ve ignored cane for a while. oh sure, he can be very amusing —
    most hotheads are — and he’s hyperactive enough to be correct
    about 10 times a day (the rough equivalent of 5 stopped clocks),
    but his other 230 daily tweets are a curiously strange mixture of
    paranoia, dread, stupidity (yesterday he fell down the hole of
    “semantic coding” and doesn’t realize that he can’t get up), and
    the hypocrisy of calling himself “an e-book militant” at the same
    exact time he supports the dinosaur publishers’ .epub format…
    i mean, seriously, the guy is still “shopping” for a smart-phone
    — he regularly “fondles” an iphone, but can’t bring himself to
    _buy_ one, even some two full years after its launch — and he
    regularly complains about his “weak” p.c. just get a mac, mike.
    and this is who we’re turning to for insightful commentary now?
    lord help us.

  2. sri

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  3. bowerbird

    i love your summary site of itablet hype! it’s invaluable.
    it will make it easy to go back and see exactly who was
    repeating the rumors that turned out to be oh so wrong.
    mike cane, for instance, first predicted the apple itablet
    would be released in october 2008. that’s right, last year.
    > http://mikecane2008.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/october-the-ipod-touchbook/
    so much for his credibility.
    now, like you, sri, and others, he says “september 2008”.
    but if you read the ft.com article people use as backing
    for that date, you will find it claims that its source has not
    even yet begun _assembling_ the machines, and we’re at
    july 29 right now. that leaves very little time for assembly
    of this _brand_new_ machine and the subsequent testing
    and then get it in stores by _september_ in the numbers
    (tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands) that
    you know will be snapped up by the fan-boys right away.
    do you really think apple, a company that prides itself on
    the quality of its builds, is going to rush things that much?
    it’s possible, i guess. i myself don’t make any predictions.
    but it would surprise me if apple took so little care in this,
    the debut of a machine that promises to revolutionize life.
    they pay too much attention to the small little details, and
    there are lots of details that can go wrong when you gear up
    a production line on a new product with this much newness.
    yet my goodness, don’t the rumor-mongers love the hype?
    and it _must_ be good for the page-views, or they wouldn’t
    keep doing it. yes, sir, i’m quite sure it’s good for page-views.
    which is why it’s important for us to start paying attention to
    the _credibility_ of these “sources”, so we learn who is willing
    to exploit our anticipation so shamelessly to inflate page-views.

  4. henry swanson

    If the ‘future of the book’ is some/another environment-destroying nerd’s toy, it’s doomed. Maddox’s right – there’s one thing PC users can do with ease that Mac users cant; stfu. Remember – it’s a lump of sweatshop made plastic.. not a f’ing social movement.
    The sole future of the book lies in the consciousness-transforming qualities of the ideas in the book – and how freely those radical ideas can be expressed in an ever more repressive society.. such as ours out here in the glorious, brain-dead We$t. And nowhere else. All this vapid hype about next.gen e-readers, Elvis enough already..
    Keep reading while you can, kid
    Henry Swanson

  5. bowerbird

    henry said:
    > there’s one thing PC users can do with ease
    > that Mac users cant; stfu.
    > Remember – it’s a lump of sweatshop made plastic..
    > not a f’ing social movement.
    henry, henry, why the anger?
    i’m not one to get into the mac-versus-pc platform war,
    but the smart-phone wasn’t smart until apple designed it.
    and the zune is about as good as microsoft can get when it
    comes to “competing” against the ipod juggernaut, so sorry.
    the itablet, whenever it gets here, will show people exactly
    why that form-factor is a winner, even more so than the
    evidence already presented by those nifty little netbooks…
    and i don’t know if it is accurate or not, but i recently read
    that 90% of the $1000+ computer market goes to apple now,
    with msft dominating only the low-end under-$1000 segment.
    which might be why microsoft just had its first losing quarter.
    the “lump of sweatshop” henry talks about is, indeed, a p.c.
    so maybe one big reason the p.c. people can “shut the fuck up”
    — as henry puts it — is because they’re embarrassed to speak.
    the reason we’re hoping that apple does e-books is because
    when apple does something, it’s done well. that’s the reason.
    it would be nice if another company could do something right.
    heck, it’d be freaking fantastic! but the other companies are
    run by idiots who can’t design themselves out of a paper bag.

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