3 thoughts on “blogburst

  1. Dave Munger

    I went ahead and signed up. So there’ll be at least one voice in opposition to the right-wing hordes. However, my overlords at scienceblogs.com tell me that I’m not contractually allowed to place my other blog on blogburst — they view it as a competitor. So unless they arrange a “partnership” (i.e. get paid), I don’t think that’s going to happen.
    It’s a neat idea; we’ll see if anything comes of it, or if the newspaper world is simply overwhelmed with the volume of content.

  2. ben vershbow

    I’d been meaning to ask you, how’s the Science Blogs gig been going? Seems like a great boost for Cognitive Daily, which already seemed to be going strong as it was. All good? Any regrets?

  3. Dave Munger

    Scienceblogs is going well, but I think the promised “conversation” between blogs hasn’t happened to the extent I hoped it would. Part of that is Cognitive Daily’s format, which is quite proscribed, but part I think can be attributed to the scienceblogs format. I think the front page needs to be more interactive. I’d prefer a format something like Comment is Free, but perhaps with even more emphasis on the comments.
    The folks at Seed say they’re working on a redesign of the front page, and we’ve tossed these ideas around in our internal discussions, so I guess the status at this point is that I’m anxiously awaiting the revision.


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